A positive way to judge

Not many people like to be judged. It has quite a negative connotation the thought of judging people. I have just finished a weekend where I was judging horses and riders against the criteria set by the official body of dressage. It is a significant responsibility to assess the tests that are ridden and comment appropriately.

It requires me to have training, knowledge of what is required and how to assess the movements against what perfection would be. I always say that the only person who likes the judge is the one that gets the red rosette and wins. But judging can be really beneficial to our lives if it is done in a constructive way.

The feedback about our lives whether work, home or in a hobby can help to point out what may be causing us problems or holding us back from achieving big things. If you think about it usually at work you receive some form of judgement through an appraisal or meetings with your line manager. When taking part in a hobby the way you improve is through feedback or sometimes taking part in a competition can assist.

But in our home lives we rarely get feedback on what we are doing. If you are lucky you have a good relationship with your parents or close friends who can provide you with valuable advice. There needs to be a level of honesty in place to help us grow and develop as individuals. For many people getting expert help is required so that we can improve our lives. It isn’t wrong to do because increasing our resilience, knowledge and understanding of ourselves is worth the effort.

Perhaps we need to stop calling it judging but more about advising or improving. In that way we can be open to the feedback to help us through life.

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2 Responses to A positive way to judge

  1. Fascinating post.
    Just wonder whether it’s bigger than ‘feedback’ – and is actually ‘listening’?
    I’m passionate about listening, Even though I sometimes have to wear a hearing aid, my ears are my best tool. But it’s not just about listening with your ears.
    Feedback is much more than evaluated responses, It’s about actions, or non-actions, body language, what can you learn from your doing and iterations and more.
    The only way to grow is to listen – so thanks for helping us all to grow with your blog – and the meme of ‘Blogtober’.


  2. Really judging is not the right word.It should be called feedback.


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