Five years on social media

I had the opportunity to take part in some police press officer training today discussing the use of social media. It was a chance to reflect on the past five years and what it has brought. Things are very different now and hopefully we will soon stop separating social media from all other forms of communication activity.

So I decided today to give my five top learning points from the past five years:

  1. Keep the conversation going – once you have started speaking to people using social media there is no time to sit back and it requires an investment of time to make sure you are building your network

2.   Share the learning – as your skills and abilities develop ensure you train others within                your team. But also make sure you can share the knowledge with all parts of your                        organisation as they will be able to benefit from it and work with you.

3.   Don’t switch off – having invested in growing your social media following you have to                ensure you are continually listening. Actively listening is a key part of the conversation            and it needs to be part of your daily business.

4.   Check what works – monitoring what you do is important but so is evaluation. Ensure              you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Be clear what you want to                      achieve and check progress against it.

5.   Take some risks – if you want to get the most from the technology as it develops you have        to be prepared to try new things and to test things out without the knowledge that it will          work. You can learn from others but for me you have to be prepared to try things out.

The past five years have been a huge learning curve and we are still on the journey. It should be exciting to see what the future may hold and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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