What is in tomorrow’s world?

There has been a bit of a frenzy today on what has been trending as #backtothefuture day. In the film they moved forward 30 years, which made me wonder if we thought 30 years from today and it was 21 October 2045 what would we find?

I am avoiding thinking about the ‘tomorrow’s world’ style future with shoes that tie themselves and hoverboards etc. All this is a short-term materialistic view of the future and I would rather consider the kind of positive future I would like to see. The key is that people in 2045 take more time to help their fellow human beings and see active citizenship as an essential part of life. It is something we need to see now and in another three decades it may be one of the most important ways to keep society functioning.

Using technology to improve lives would be a key development. We all have a huge amount of information at our fingertips but perhaps at the moment we are using it for generally selfish means. It is often about improving our lives but why not find ways to maximise the benefits for everyone. An example is crowdfunding now, perhaps in 30 years time we will be doing so much more.

I hope that we can continue to build on improving people’s mental well-being. There is an expectation that austerity is the new norm and so one of the most important things for people to develop is resilience. Not as exciting as flying cars but if we are to adapt and survive in the future then it is essential.

I am not interested in whether things will look different but more about how they will feel different. How can we use the next 30 years to improve the society that we are all a part of? I know it is not as sexy as talking about flying cars and hoverboards but it is for me the most important part of visualising the future. How we develop is in our hands.

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