Reach for the stars

The focus of the day was ‘policing in the age’ as I attended a seminar considering the developments that technology can bring. It was a glimpse of how the current systems could be improved but also the changes that the future may bring. We are increasingly in a situation where we need to fast-track the new technology in an attempt to increase savings.

It was a useful discussion but one of the key things for me is are we being ambitious enough in our considerations about technology. At the moment for many businesses they are looking at today’s technology as a solution for tomorrow. I don’t believe this is a sensible position. We need to be looking at tomorrow’s technology for solutions in the coming years.

Ambition is a key thing for me. With the dwindling finances, it has been something that we have lost. The focus is on surviving today and tomorrow but not always in the next five or 10 years. It is probably because considering that far ahead is outside our comfort zone and is really hard work. But if we are going to be able to transform business process we must be comfortable to reach for the stars.

Don’t get me wrong I know that there need to be some quick wins in all this. We need to be showing some ways to improve now, and also to be able to use some changes to start the conversation with staff about the changes. It isn’t enough to have an ambitious solution that is two years away we have to be considering some changes while the future is being mapped. I am going to gloss over the question about how you afford to implement some of the technological solutions. This can be seen as a deal breaker in developments.

What I take away from today, and from some recent conversations, is that we must all be able to reach for the stars and think with ambition if we are to transform the ways we live and work.

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