The joy of being weird

I was reading something today about the importance of being a bit weird. I know it sounds odd but it has some sense in it. The weirdness is the bit that makes us all unique and that bit different. If we are able to be weird then we are able to ourselves and it shows a huge level of freedom.

In our lives we are so often desperate to be part of the group and to find a place where we fit in. For some that means adapting who we are so that we are seen to be one of the group and dare I say it ‘normal’. Being accepted is one of the most important elements of modern life, having a sense of belonging.

But if we have to achieve it by not being our true selves then can it really be good for us? It cannot be real and honest if to achieve it we deny our personality. In modern life though we seem to be encouraging people to be the same. It starts when we are at school and we all need to follow the same progress and path. As teenagers we need to be part of the group, liking the same things, doing the same things and being the same. For many this continues in later life.

It is not helpful for society if that persists. For the more we express our individuality the more we are possibly going to help life to develop, change and improve. It is a bit like modern evolution, if we are a bit different, a bit weird and we bring that to our work and life. In work I am really clear that individuality should be valued, the difference is what can benefit the team.

Why not allow yourself to be yourself for at least part of the week ahead? See what it brings and share your experiences.

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