A time to share

Today I offered a home to an abandoned gerbil. Dave is now enjoying his first taste of the easy life, plenty of space, food and above all love. It is amazing to see how much he has changed in eight hours. I had seen him in the adoption section of the local pet store about two weeks ago, and then again last week. Both times he was fast asleep and never raised his head. Now, since he arrived home he hasn’t stop digging, chewing and enjoying himself.

It reminded me how important sharing is in life. Sharing what we have, sharing our knowledge, sharing our skills and ensuring we aren’t selfish. It is easy for people to get focused on what they need to make themselves happy, or to have the things they want. But if that becomes the focus of your life it will surely make you feel dissatisfied.

When we share we are giving a bit of ourselves to others and hopefully improving or enriching their lives. So when I helped my mum today I didn’t think much about it but it was much more that just undertaking a task. It was a way of showing how much I care and sharing. I don’t have to gain anything by helping other than to just know that I have helped someone.

To often people expect to get something before they will give anything. Sharing is not something they are interested in. But a growing number of people are now looking at random acts of kindness as a way to improve themselves and improve their lives. Doing things without ever expecting anything in return can boost your own self-worth. I have lived through times when money, status and goods are all that people were focused on, but I hope that we are entering a new era of sharing and helping others.

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