All for one and one for all.

This has been one unbelievable week. It has been non-stop and busy across the whole of the team and has led to some tension and a lot of tiredness. As I sit here on Friday night reflecting, I realise I have a lot of people to thank for their hard work and commitment. The only way we got through this week and achieved some significant results is by working together.

Teamwork is an overused phrase and brings with it lots of unnecessary connotations. Communicators and bosses seem to have spent far to long talking about teamwork and creating a picture of a perfectly happy workforce all helping each other for the ‘greater good’. There are no disagreements and everyone is in a state of nirvana.

Real teams are anything but nirvana, and for me the best teams have a unique almost dysfunctional quality. They are the teams that have a musketeers attitude. Everyone is able to be themselves and have their individuality but when they join together they make a very powerful unit. I am lucky to have seen that happen this week. People working together, looking out for each other, doing their own thing but joining when needed.

These are the teams that don’t always agree, in fact, I would hope they don’t agree and are prepared to challenge. Disagreements happen, are discussed and get resolved before being forgotten as people move on. The best teams are the ones that can face conflict but deal with it and move on unaffected. But obviously this conflict should not be a daily occurence.

It may be incredibly hard work but it comes with a huge side order of fun, laughter and enjoyment. The hackneyed phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ feels fairly meaningless but to be able to laugh together is a great way of relieving the stress and tension. Thankfully after a tough week there was a chance today to share some humour and also quite a lot of sugary treats.

If you read through all the elements I have outlined it seems that an effective team is very much like a family. It is something I think is true. Being part of a high performing team is like being in a family, but possibly a dysfunctional family. I am hugely privileged to have a supportive family and also supportive work colleagues. This week has reminded me of what I am lucky enough to have. I am tired but feeling very blessed.

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