Glass half empty?

I wrote about a week ago on this blog about the fact that you can change the way you perceive things. In fact, it is important to take a step back and consider the situation again with a fresh set of eyes. It is something that was really brought home to me again today.

I have grown up being a glass half empty kind of person. I would always prepare myself for the worst so that I would not be disappointed. It didn’t work. It meant I always looked at things from a negative perspective and not only that it never reduced my sense of disappointment with events.

It may have taken time but I am now in a position where I refuse to accept the negative road and the ‘half empty’ perspective. Now, I am trying to retrain my brain to look for the positive elements of each situation. The whole issue of a negative mindset came into the forefront of today’s conference discussion about the future of police communication. There were a whole list of negative viewpoints that existed but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, we are in a changing landscape and yes it will mean that the roles lots of people are doing at the moment will not remain the same. But with the change comes opportunities to try new things and do things differently. In fact it is that uncertainty that can be quite refreshing particularly to anyone who has been in their role for some time. Change can be unsettling and as professional communicators we try to ensure people understand what is happening and are bought into it.

There is a lot of negativity that surfaces in the world at the moment. I think it is important to take a new look at the situation and the future, and to make sure you can see positive in the circumstances. I will continue to try to retrain my brain as it helps me to be more productive.

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