Less fuss, more chat

I have enough for about five or six blogs from today and taking part in the first day of a police communicators conference. There is so much discussion about worthy subjects and high level strategy but that isn’t where my thoughts have gone for this blog.

The thing I have just loved is that it is 12 months since I have seen many of the people who I met again today. However, you would think it was just yesterday and I was able to pick up discussions with little fuss. I don’t ever remember having to telephone, email or write to each of the people. If I had been forced to do that then I think I would have had a serious problem. It would have never happened.

I know I am always writing about how much I love social media. But today reminded me again about why it is such an integral part of my life. Don’t get me wrong I am not a sad person that sits behind a computer all day (just most of it!) and I do love having a good catch up over a coffee with friends and colleagues. I do however, want more.

Being able to keep in touch with people through social media has been a huge enhancement to my life. I love to know how people are doing and also to be able to provide help and support if it is needed. When I meet interesting people I want to keep in touch and social media allows me to do that quickly and easily. Having an online chat is the next best thing to catching up face-to-face, and it also means I can let people know that they have support if they are going through a difficult time. And of course being an ex-journalist I also like to have the gossip at my fingertips.

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