Back to school

Going back to school is normally the stuff of my nightmares. However, today it was something I willingly faced so that I could talk about the work I do, policing and careers in journalism and public relations. Once I start to talk about those things it is not easy to stop me or get a word in.

Today reminded me how important it is for people working in a wide range of careers to take some time out to explain about the work they do. Many years ago I suddenly decided I wanted to become a journalist. It came from nowhere as there are no journalists in the family. I hope that when I go out and explain about the work I do it may spark some young person to think a bit differently about the future and perhaps consider a career in communication.

It feels as though people should help to inspire the future generations. There should be no barriers put in place that hold young people back from reaching for what they want to do. A few days ago I blogged about the horror for many of the Sunday night preparation for Monday morning. Accepting unfulfilling situations should be something we educate young people against.

If you love what you do then, for me, it means you put so much more into your work. It goes from just being a job to being a career. You are no longer watching the clock and waiting to go home, instead you are energised about the working day and are constantly looking for ways to develop and improve. I have to say that is a world I want to be in and at the moment I have to say that is a world I am in.

I am extremely fortunate that I love the job I do. It is incredibly fulfilling even though it is also hugely tiring. But I enjoy what I do so putting extra hours in is not a problem. Now if only I could find a way to switch off. Finally, a huge thank you to Manchester High School for Girls for making me feel so welcome.

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