Take a fresh look at things

When we go about our daily life it is very easy to get stuck into one way of doing things, one way of looking at life and the events around us. For anyone working in communication this can be a huge disadvantage as you absolutely have to be able to assimilate everything around you and look at different perspectives.

How do we avoid getting stuck in this position? There is no easy answer about how you can keep refreshing your viewpoint. The key has to be about having a number of methods of detaching, looking, and reviewing circumstances. And every time you think you are getting stuck into a rut give yourself a jolt and make sure you take a step in a different direction.

I noticed this week that I was choosing to see things around me in a particular way and in doing this I was always then going to choose the same course of action. It is incredibly limiting in a personal capacity to have this approach. But then it also has a negative effect on my ability to be able to develop communication activity as I bring my baggage into the considerations. I have to recognise this may be a comfortable position but it isn’t the most productive.

The future has to be to challenge my thoughts and perceptions, so that I can see the impact they may have if I let them. Above all I need to take a fresh look at things, events and circumstances around me.

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