Addicted to work? Well, possibly.

I have had a busy few days and am sat on a Sunday night doing a bit more work before heading back into the office on Monday morning. It made me think. Why do I love my work so much? Am I addicted to work, and if so why?

For many people in 2015 work has become increasingly demanding. We are all connected 24 hours a day and able to do more hours at work and of course with the financial crisis we are all more focused on ensuring we continue to work. Add to that if you are working in a media related industry it is a 24/7 occupation and there is no time to snooze.

All those things are important to me and will explain a little bit of why I find myself doing increasing amounts of work. However, I think there is something more than that. It is linked to two things; that I work in the public sector and that I work for the police service.

Working in public sector communication is hugely rewarding. Everything that you do has a real impact on people and their lives. You have a big responsibility to ensure that people have knowledge about what you do, how to access services, and to feel they can impact and improve the services.

Police communicators have an additional responsibility. They have the chance to improve safety in communities. They have the chance to help find criminals and wanted people. They have the chance to help protect the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods. They can do all this because they work alongside police officers and staff to improve the flow of information and they do this round the clock.

I have worked in police communications for around 16 years and still find it an exciting and at times challenging communication role. It brings new things every day and it is this variety, challenge and direct impact on people that make it incredibly rewarding. It is what makes me slightly addicted to working in police communication – and for that I make no apologies.

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