What is blogtober?

I had a thought suddenly that came to me today (Saturday 19 September) when I was riding my horse. Ideas can creep up on you in the oddest of places and this morning the idea came from nowhere. It started as one word and then I considered how it could be defined. The word is blogtober.

What is blogtober? For me I want it to be a whole month when we celebrate what is good from the many blogs that exist. Every day somewhere between two and four million blogs are written, according to a range of statistics. That is a lot of words that are being added to the world wide web on an hourly basis. We need to celebrate the creativity of blogs every day during October.

For many people finding really interesting and exciting blogs is difficult and can be time consuming. I want blogtober to be a chance to recognise those amazing blogs that people enjoy but also to share them with others so that they can read something new and hopefully find some articles they can enjoy.

I am encouraging people to start writing a blog, more frequently blog on existing sites, and also to share the best blog sites with others on social media. If you have never written a blog post then why not give it a go during October.

Blogtober will mean for me three things:

  1. More frequent blogging about important communication related subjects
  2. Checking out a new blog to read each day
  3. Encouraging others to read or write a blog

So, what could blogtober mean for you? I will be interested to hear views about what it could be.

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5 Responses to What is blogtober?

  1. Keith Lewis says:

    Great idea – I’m in! When I did VEDA (video every day in August) I learnt a lot and it got me thinking about content creation every day – never a bad thing in our line of work!

    Thanks for the challenge!


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  3. Matthew J Daniels says:

    Just started up a blog, hoping to write about my daily life and things that crop up, but also tackling issues that happen in the news etc. Still reeling from the anxiety of writing my first post! Don’t know why! But I will definitely be trying this, hoping to creep myself towards the edge and take that plunge.


  4. Emmmmerz says:

    Have you come across any linkups for blogtober 2015?


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