Do you remember your first job?

I was so excited to start my first job just a few years ago (well more years ago than I like to think). It was on a local newspaper that I had done work experience on. There were pluses and minuses to it. It was close to home and in an area I knew well but it was also a shoestring operation with some very odd characters. Above all this it was doing a job I had longed to do.

For many people the first day at work can be a bit of an anti-climax you build it up for many months or years and suddenly find out about all the mundane things. I do to remember getting a scoop on the first day as a report. Instead I had to learn about the deadlines, where the bathroom was and churned out many fillers and NIBS.

I was lucky it was a job I had really wanted to do and I was doing it. I had also spent the best part of 15 years longing to do that very job. It was an amazing position to be in. I had for a long time known what I wanted to do and with a bit of hard work and luck I was now doing it. 

This week I took part in The Juice Academy boot camp. For anyone not aware what that is, it is a process to find a social media apprentice. These are young people aged 17, 18 or 19 who are looking for a 12 month apprenticeship to get them into the world of work. It was a full day with tasks and then I did a five minute interview with each of the 50 young people. They were from all walks of life and with very different characters.

It was the most wonderful experience. They were bright, energetic and hopeful. I wish I had been able to offer a place to more than one. I also hope that a few other business may consider this route as a way to give a young person a start in life and one foot on the ladder of their career. Times are hard and life is tough for many. I know I would have loved to start work as a journalist at 18 but I chose to go to university. But at least I had the choice unlike many today.

So tomorrow we welcome our first social media apprentice into our team. It will be her first day at work and I will be remembering how I felt all those years ago. I just hope we can live up to expectations and make it a great experience.

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