Value the specialist

I felt compelled to write a blog today because of a number of recent events. There are many professions that exist and many professionals that are undertaking them every day of the week. The reasons they are known as professions is because of the training, experience and knowledge that is required to do the job. For me it is about the commitment you make to a career path and how you build up skills over a number of years.

I believe that I am a communication professional. It is an area of work that I have spent more than 20 years working in. I undertake training whenever I can and I keep up-to-date with developments so that my skills and knowledge are relevant. As I look to the future I know that I will continue to work in this communication and PR profession.

Being within a profession is something that increasing numbers of people don’t appear to value. I am sure other communicators will be aware of the situation when colleagues in other areas of the business believe they know better than you. The challenge of decision-making goes beyond what is reasonable as they disregard the skills, knowledge and experience that you have. I am becoming increasingly frustrated and have no patience with this approach.

Communication professionals are brought in to do work because they possess a whole range of abilities that bring specialist knowledge to the organisation. Why pay for this specialist knowledge if you believe you can do better?

I know that promoting PR and communications as a profession is something that needs to be prioritised. We can all do our bit to keep showing that this is a profession in the same way as accountancy, lawyers or doctors. We can do this in everything we say and more importantly everything we do. I am attempting to gain Chartered Practitioner status with the CIPR as part of my continued commitment to being a professional. It is time we all recognised the importance of continuous professional development if we are to build the reputation of the industry. It is within our gift to ensure that communication is seen as a profession and it must start today.

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