Around the world in 80 seconds

The past few days have reminded me how small the world is and this brings both positive things and some challenges. On Tuesday morning, I was quickly made aware of the terrible events in Canada. A police officer had been killed while on duty. It is easy to wonder why that has anything to do with me here in Greater Manchester but it did. The officer who so tragically lost his life had been working in Greater Manchester Police for four years before he moved to Canada around eight years ago.

Suddenly a series of events many thousands of miles away had become something of huge significance for me and the team. My thoughts are with the family of Daniel Woodall, and also his friends and colleagues. The world has definitely become smaller in the past 48 hours.

I also started to write a list of the things I love about social media and what it has given me. (More of that in a future blog.) As I did that it was clear that it has brought me within easy reach of professional communicators and police officers across the world. I am lucky enough to have connections with people in America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Social media really has made the globe a much smaller place.

In the past few days I have started to do some research ready for a paper that I need to write. (Again, more of that in the future.) The subject is related to crisis communication and social media and in identifying some key research it has taken me across America and Europe. The information is as relevant on this continent as it is on others. When I was growing up and then doing my degree I could never have imagined how easy it would be to gather this information from across the world.

The world is shrinking and it is easier than ever to travel without leaving home. The key for us all is to make the best use of what we now have around us.

One final thought is to ask everyone to remember those working in emergency services around the world. They put themselves at risk for us on a daily basis. Something worth thinking about.

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