Up for the challenge?

I have come to the end of the challenge. This is my final #ablogadayinMay report. Over the past 31 days I have talked about a whole range of things from baking to FIFA. It seems May has been quite a busy month and not just for me but in the world. I have mixed emotions about this being my final blog for May 2015 but there will be more blogs to come although not one each day.

The whole purpose behind setting myself this challenge was to see what I am capable of. It was to test a number of things my creativity, persistence and dedication. It has taken a huge amount of discipline to find time each and every day to share some thoughts. But I wonder why we don’t set ourselves more challenges at work?

For many work becomes a place where we spend 7 or 8 (or possibly more) hours each day and we do what is asked of us. There will inevitably be a job description that outlines what those expectations are, which makes it clearer. We can do the same thing day after day, and year after year. So why not stop and set yourself a challenge?

Trying something new or different or pushing yourself out of the comfort zone of what you know is essential for continued development. I continue to be surprised by the number of communication professionals that are not involved in some form of continuous professional development. It doesn’t have to be a formal scheme but there is so much out there why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to expand your skills and experience?

We can all get stuck in a rut sometimes, doing the same thing day after day and never stepping outside our comfort zone. That doesn’t feel like much fun. That isn’t making the most of the hours we have in the day. That won’t take us to where we might want to be. It is time to think about where you are and where you might want to be and more importantly to step into the unknown and challenge yourself.

Although this is the last of my blog a day in May it is far from the end of my development, my learning and my writing.

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