Loving LinkedIn – not really.

I often wonder what I get from my LinkedIn presence. It has been in place for about five years now and the details on it have grown and developed. There was a time when I thought that it would overtake the need to have a CV and instead I would be able to point people towards my profile on the social network. But at the moment I am feeling that it hasn’t really proved its worth.

Every day I see updates about who is linked to who, and some updates about people’s work or job status. It is all interesting stuff but doesn’t really make me feel as though I am making the most of the network. Perhaps it is just that I have missed something that other people have found. I have tried to get involved in communities and to share updates like this blog through it.

I can see that if people are looking for work or other forms of employment then checking out LinkedIn really is important. If you are posting details of a job it is also useful. How much other stuff that is shared is helpful, engaging or interesting?

Perhaps I need to invest some time in revisiting LinkedIn and what it has to offer as a social network. I would be really interested to hear people’s views of what it brings and what I should be using it for. In short, help me to love LinkedIn again.

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