26 hours a day – please

If I had a £1 for every time I say I could do with some more hours in the day I would probably have £1,523 – or something near it. It is a regular frustration of mine that I try to pack so much into the day and many times I overestimate what I can do in 24 hours. Something inevitably has to give and often I sacrifice a decent nights sleep to be able to do everything I want to.

Unfortunately, you can only last so long with a minimum of sleep, despite what people will tell you about Margaret Thatcher. I have worked out I can probably keep going for three or four days with just a few hours sleep each night. But I pay for it and need to catch up at some point after that or I risk getting ill.

I know this isn’t just a problem for me. In the modern world we are all trying to do a lot of things at once. For many it is about working a more than full-time job, balancing the demands of family life and then trying to do some sport or pastimes as well. For me I am trying to work a full-time job, do some of my own work, look after a horse, become a dressage judge, write a number of books, er and other things as well. I don’t think it helps that I have a little notebook to write down all the ideas I have for things I want to do.

I am definitely at my best when I am busy. In the past three days I have rarely had chance to sit and relax. It has been dashing from one thing to another, getting up early and then packing a lot in. Of course, my sleep pattern has suffered and until last night I have had just a few hours sleep. There has been a lot achieved but I know I need to have time to relax. Tomorrow is a day for myself, well sort of but I still have some work and chores to do.

None of this is a moan. It is just a word to people to remember to take some time out and relax, or even try meditation so that you can keep going and make the most of every day.

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