Rising to the challenge of being creative

I have often thought that I needed to develop my creative skills. I come from a family that includes artists who can create interesting items, pictures and sculptures. Although I did managed to get my O Level Art I can’t say I have done any drawing in many, many years. But in the past 12 months I have started to feel more practically creative. The reason is that I have found baking and cake decorating, and I really enjoy it.

The ability to take some raw ingredients and bake something delicious and tasty has caught my attention. More than that the chance to get creative and turn it into something eye-catching is what I really enjoy. Sitting for an hour or more I love using icing to develop a birthday or celebration cake.

Why is this of interest? Well, it reminded me that what we all need is to find that thing that switches us on to things. If we are to encourage our teams to be creative then we need to find  what will make them light up. I am not suggesting that we need to introduce compulsory baking at work, although I would quite like that. What I do think is that we need to be really open-minded about creativity.

In the busy days when we are increasingly under pressure to bring results and to keep doing stuff the chance to be creative can take a back seat. For communication professionals it is essential to keep your creativity juices flowing to be at the top of your game, to problem solve and to get results. I don’t expect you to start baking or cake decorating but I do think you have to consider what can spark the interest of your teams. Time to get creative.

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