Up Periscope

I have been looking at how people are using Periscope in the past few days. For anyone that doesn’t know what Periscope is it is a live streaming app linked to Twitter. My review of the activity on it hasn’t been a particularly uplifting experience and I know that a lot of individuals and organisations are still trying to get the feel of it. But it is becoming really clear that there are some things that work well on it and some things that don’t. In a nutshell we are back to the age-old thing which is needing good content for all social media activity.

If you haven’t got an interesting story to tell then why should anyone listen and get involved? This is the same for me whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, or newer apps such as Periscope. You have to find the interesting angle on something as it has to resonate with people.

There are some simple things I have found so far:

1. Offer something different – with live streaming it can be really dull just to show people what the media cameras will already have access to. It is interesting to show behind the scenes, from a different angle or something no-one else will see. There has to be a reason for people to watch.

2. Avoid speeches to camera – just broadcasting someone talking to the camera about something is really dull. Remember there needs to be action and an eye-catching element.

3. Make it not too rough round the edges – I know that Periscope is available to everyone so it isn’t expected to be broadcast quality but it does need to be thought through. When you start make sure you have done all the pre-briefing for those taking part. Ensure those people being streamed are aware and supportive of it. There is nothing worse than showing the preparation when you should be showing the action.

4. Promote your use of it – if you auto-Tweet when you use Periscope people who are checking social media will notice. To maximise the interest promote the fact that is going to be used and the time that it is going to happen. People can then make a note to check in and see the stream.

5. Plan how you are going to use it – with any new network or app there is a rush to be seen to use it. Before embarking on live streaming with Periscope ensure you know what you are doing and why, don’t just dive in as it could easily turn people off to see poorly thought through activity.

6. Keep it short and interesting – it is worth remembering that Twitter is 140 characters and the shorter the better to keep people’s attention. If you try to stream through it for extended periods of time people will switch off and you will probably drain your battery significantly.

7. Interact while you are streaming – social media is all about being social so make sure you move beyond broadcasting on Periscope and are able to tweet and send messages during the stream.

I will be continuing my research on how Periscope is being used before jumping in, and will wait to find the right opportunity with the right content and a clear purpose.

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3 Responses to Up Periscope

  1. albfreeman says:

    Some good points there, particularly your point about not simply using it because you can. I’ve recently blogged about Periscope and some interesting thoughts came up in the comments: https://albfreeman.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/periscope-and-live-streaming/


  2. Roger Nield says:

    One of my Twitter friends has recommend Periscope but I’d no idea what to do with it!

    Amanda your blog has really helped me understand… Now to try it!!


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