Take a minute to remember those protecting you

I woke this morning to more terrible news make the world headlines. This blog isn’t really about communication but I felt it was worth spending the time to recognise the sacrifice that some people make. If you haven’t been made aware, and why should you, there have been two police officers killed in Mississippi and five others have been killed in Macedonia. In another incident a paramedic in Australia was knocked unconscious after the patient he was trying to help allegedly punched him.

It is all shocking news to wake up to but hasn’t made the headlines at all this morning. I have scoured the UK and international news channels and there has been no coverage of any of these events.

Everyday people are undertaking a whole range of jobs for the good of the wider community. We allow them to do it so that we don’t have to. They put themselves in danger as soon as they step out to do the job and don’t often get the recognition for the work they do. It is just accepted that if you are a police officer, fire officer or paramedic that you may be putting yourself at risk on a daily basis.

I have experienced the good and bad of working within the police service but nothing can prepare you for dealing with such attacks and the aftermath. The families whose lives will never be the same again, the colleagues and friends who are affected, and the wider public who are shocked by the events on their doorstep are all the often unseen impact.

We very rarely recognise the contribution these emergency service staff make on our behalf. It is too easy to ignore the horrific and terrible events around the world. So today, as I go about my business I will make sure I take the time to say thank you to all those men and women who are just doing their job keeping people safe around the world.

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