Pause over the send key

Modern life moves really quickly. Today was a weekend but I was still able to connect and do some work. I was able to check in with friends using social media, and I was able to go online to do some shopping. There is barely time to think as it was so quick to log on and share or request something. It made me a bit concerned that it is now so easy to take action in haste and then suffer the consequences.

Years ago if a letter was written in haste or anger then it would rarely get to the recipient. The sender had plenty of time between writing and reaching the post box to change their mind and perhaps think twice about sending.

The digital world has made this incredibly difficult to achieve. It is all to easy to share your anger, frustration or hatred through social networks. There is no luxury of time to rethink your position. So what do we do?

The crucial thing is to remember some key points:

1. Never post in anger or when drunk

2. If you have something to say think once, and twice before you press send

3. Email is not a way to shout at people so don’t do it

4. Give yourself tech free days if things are not going well

5. Be clear in your meaning so that your words are not misinterpreted

6. Remember what you post will last forever

The new technology brings amazing opportunities and great ways to share and connect on a minute by minute basis. However, the key to do this without landing in hot water is to find a way to give yourself some time. Develop your own checklist and way of considering what you are going to do before you press send.

We may not have the luxury of the time between letter-writing and posting but we can find ways of checking, reviewing and making sure we don’t act in haste. Pause over the send or post key and keep it positive.

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