Post, post… er and perhaps not post again

There was an interesting discussion I noticed in a LinkedIn group about whether people were posting too much on social media. It claimed if you were losing followers then you may be over posting and effectively spamming people. I started to think about whether this blog a day during May might not be a good thing?

I probably tweet about 10 times a day on average. The majority of which is sharing links through retweets. I do avoid using the .@ as I don’t think it really helps unless I have something absolutely amazing to say. On LinkedIn I generally add only a couple of things in an average day. Hopefully this means I am not over posting and annoying people.

However, I am sure many organisations and businesses think they are effectively using social media when they continually post items. After all isn’t the customer always right and someone we should be connecting to? The real issue is have you got something to say? Do you have good and interesting content?

The analytics tools available can help you to work out when is the most productive time to post on the network. It is well worth investing some time and looking at your history and what people have shared, what they have liked or favourited and the times of day when most activity took place. It means as a business you can then be more focused in your use of social media.

I do hope that I am not guilty of over posting on social networks. If I do then I apologise but I do love connecting and sharing interesting bits of information.

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3 Responses to Post, post… er and perhaps not post again

  1. suztara says:

    Is difficult – and I don’t think there’s any right or wrong….better to post a few times than be an account which doesn’t post for months on end!


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