Be part of it

There is an important event taking place today (Thursday 7 May). As I voted today it made me feel really connected and a part of society. Every day I go about my business, go to work, spend time with my horse, spend time with my family and don’t really think much about my place in the world. So why is being a part of society important?

It is part of human nature to want to feel part of something bigger. I have written before about how important this is and how it has assisted the growth of social media. In those busy days when we are rushing around being able to catch up quickly with friends using Twitter and Facebook is a way to reconnect. We can all be part of those online communities from our sofa.

Being a part of things, your community, society or a special group is essential. It is this that keeps us connected with our inner humanity but it is also critical for the continued improvement and development of society. If we don’t work together or come together than how can things move on and evolve? We all have a duty to be an active citizen but few of us do anything about it.

Active citizenship has taken a back seat in recent years because of the financial challenges that we all face. The stress of balancing the family books has become a preoccupation and we have all been trying to make ends meet. There has been little time to devote to charitable and community activities for many people. However, some people have still been able to get involved and we all have to be grateful to them.

So as I sit watching the results of today’s democratic process it has made me determined that I will find ways to be an active citizen and make a difference as part of my community.

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