Getting social to survive

It was quite a surprise to find that Google Plus had sent out its first tweet on Friday this week. Unlike many people I am actually quite a fan of G+ and think it has a lot to offer. The problem has been that it is really only the social media geeks that have taken to the network and that has limited its wider appeal.

In recent months there has been a lot of discussion about the demise of Google Plus and announcements about it having no further developments. However, perhaps some of those rumours were a bit premature. I hope so.

I am a huge fan of the Google Hangouts which provide some really easy to use technology that has been a great way for me to be able to connect with people. One of my favourite experiences was having a hangout with someone in America, Iran, Colombia and me in the UK. It was linked to an online course I was doing but it was such an amazing experience and was only possible with Google Hangout. For me the layout was really clear and it was always relatively easy to use. The communities option was also a way of keeping connected to groups with similar interests.

There are obviously some limitations and one of the main ones was that managing your circles could become a huge challenge. I know some people found new tools to help manage circles and make keeping on top of things much easier. That all just seemed like a bit too much effort. I preferred to just let things happen and do my best to handle things.

So with the move of Google+ into Twitter I am hopeful that it may be a new dawn for the social network. It may encourage more people, non-geeks, to give it a go and look at what it has to offer. Perhaps the social network going social may be the key to its survival. We will have to wait and see.

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