The opening credits

I had an odd thought today that I wanted to share. Listening to the radio and a TV theme came on I can’t remember what it was exactly but as I was driving I thought about those 1980s opening credits. Do you remember Dallas and Dynasty when in the first shot they tried to find an image that would capture the essence of the character?

If you do remember them then you will understand why as I was driving along I started to consider what my image for today would be. I think it would definitely be happy as I have had such a fun and relaxed weekend. But I started to think bigger, what if we had those opening credits to set the scene for our lives?

This may seem a very odd thing to consider but what would sum up you, your character and your journey? What image do you leave and what impact are you having on the people around you? I really don’t want to be an Alexis (no idea of the last name) in Dynasty, focused on backstabbing and winning at all costs. So what do I want to be?

I really want to make sure people think of me as a happy person who loves life. I know that I can be very serious about work, my home life, and those I care about but I don’t want this to overshadow my positivity. There is only one way I can achieve this and that is to make sure I am at my best every day. I need to continue to take the opportunities to carry out random acts of kindness and leave a lasting positive impression.

Take a moment and think what your opening credits are and more importantly what you want them to be. Now work out what you need to change.

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