The time is now

It might be Saturday night but I feel the need to get a bit philosophical after what has been a busy week. Reflecting on the past seven days can take me back reliving the things that didn’t go so well along with any little successes. However, it is usually the things we don’t do or that don’t happen as we want that remain lodged in our minds. I also find myself looking ahead not just days but weeks and months.

My looking ahead I like to say is about being organised and planning for the future but it is more about trying to keep tight control of things. It is about keeping tight control of my life including finances, activities and well, a whole range of things.

But none of this is truly real. There is no past and no future. The only thing that is real is now.

That sounds a bit odd but all we really have is the moment that we are currently living in. However, it is the time that we think the least about and we don’t even notice it before it is gone. This was obvious to me today. I was reflecting on the week I had just experienced and was planning some activities for the week ahead. All this took the focus of my mind away from what a lovely day today was. I almost forgot to enjoy the now.

We live in a busy and fast-moving world where there is always a lot to occupy us. This makes it even more important for us to ensure that we are not losing connection with the moment we are living in. Have a good weekend and remember to enjoy the now.

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2 Responses to The time is now

  1. hvanameyde says:

    Reading your blog nearly at the end of a long car journey. I don’t want to be in the now – I want to be home! However, you make a very valid point and we should be mindful and enjoy the moment. I’ve got great music in the car, the moon is out, my face is hot from a sun filled few days and alls well. Thank you


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