Is it ho, ho, hopeless?

It is the time of year when we are getting even more messages thrown at us. We are told we must buy more things, must have the best Christmas ever, must have a table groaning under the weight of a months food. Within that it is a challenge to get any serious messages heard.

In the past few weeks many public sector agencies and charities have been desperately trying to find ways of sharing important information. I wonder how many have been remembered. Can you think of any health, law enforcement or charity messages you heard recently and have remained with you?

If you do then great but I wondered whether sharing serious messages should be abandoned at this time of year. Perhaps we just minimise the time and effort used if messages are going to get lost in the festive rush.

I have pondered this but believe it is even more important to try and get these messages out during the Christmas period. There are increased risks from the activities shopping, eating, drinking and many other things. It is easy to get caught up with the activities and forget simple advice. So it is vital that we redouble our efforts.

For charities it is a time when they should be reclaiming the spirit of Christmas. With continued austerity there is an opportunity to encourage people to focus on those who are vulnerable and in need. In 2014 there has been a lot of materialism with Black Friday and the attempt to make today Panic Saturday. I hope we can be more positive in what Christmas 2015 means.

One final thing, please listen to the messages that are designed to help you stay safe, health and happy throughout the festive season.

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