Going back to move forward

I have had a chance to think about a few things in recent days. This has been mainly due to the fact I have had a few days away from work and had the opportunity to reflect on some issues. For everyone this is really valuable time if we use it productively. My thoughts went back four years ago when the use of social media was still in its infancy. Back then there was a piece of work undertaken to consider where people were talking about the organisation I work for.

Interesting stuff, because it highlighted the networks that were most significant and covered what people were talking about. The work known as ‘buzz monitoring’ is a fundamental part of research before developing a social media strategy. It provides such valuable information but why is it four years since we carried it out?

We seem to keep moving forward and give little time to what we leave behind us. The importance of ploughing ahead is increasingly unchallenged because obviously change is good. Or is it? Whatever your viewpoint it is clear that we can often forget what has happened and fail to learn the lessons of past experiences.

I talked last week about the value that ‘buzz monitoring’ can give to an organisation reviewing its position on social media. Then I thought despite the value it brings more than four years have gone by and because things have been quite positive we have not felt the need to return to our roots. We build our future on the actions of the past and so I have come to the conclusion that we need to go back if we are to be able to continue to move forward in a positive way.

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