Social as a shared experience

We all know that social media is a way of having two-way conversations and sharing details and information. It has been this since day one and the more people who join the networks the more social it becomes. Human beings are social creatures and want to share experiences, events and parts of their life. It struck me the other day that this is well and truly embedded in our lives.

Watching television will never be the same again.

I was watching highlights from Glastonbury on television while my other half was sharing a running commentary with one of his friends via text message. At the same time I was commenting on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t sit watching the television with friends in reality but it is an interesting experience when done via social media.

Programmes like The Apprentice, Bake Off and Masterchef are always enhanced when I can see other people’s views of what is happening. It becomes a shared experience and the same as having a discussion down the pub or on a night out with friends. The joy is that we can do it any night of the week.

The World Cup has been enhanced by the fact that social is much more part of daily life. Four years ago it wasn’t in the same league. Now it is as natural for many of us as having a conversation, making a phone call or sending an email. It is the little details that we all notice that allow us to share the experience through highs and lows. Recent reports claim the World Cup is the most social sporting event that there has ever been. That is until the next big event.

As I sit with my laptop or iPad watching television programmes and sharing my views and listening to the views of others, I can’t help but think that there is more that could be done with broadcasters to develop the engagement with the audience through social networks. When we start to exploit this we will hit the next stage of social media maturity.

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