What has #BEDM taught me?

Well, I finally made it. Thirty one days ago I read about the challenge of writing a blog every day in May. It seemed relatively straightforward and I thought it might be worth trying. Would I have the discipline to blog every day? Would I have enough ideas to be able to write every day?

Amazingly, this is my last blog during the month of May. I am reflecting on the month and what I have learned by taking part in this interesting experiment. I have written thousands of words and quite a few of them have been read by people.

Firstly, I have surprised myself by showing the discipline to devote time to writing every day. I have lots of ideas for written work from short stories to books but I always say there is a lack of time. Clearly, there isn’t a lack of time just a lack of discipline to make it happen.

Secondly, it has shown me that I have lots of ideas and that they can be sparked by many things. During the month I have blogged about discussions at work, considered television programmes, and events that happened to me and around me. Each of the 31 blogs have had a communication related theme and I am sure I could continue to write a blog a day in June.

Thirdly, it gave me an opportunity every day to reflect on something that had happened or had been of interest to me. When I was a teenager I wrote a diary and reflected every day on what had happened and what I felt. This was the nearest to that feeling that I had ever had since then. Blogging every day has helped me to review the day.

Fourthly, it has helped me to continue and develop conversations with people about the issues at heart. Sharing ideas and thoughts is really productive and throwing ideas out for people to review and comment supports creativity.

Finally, I have shown I can set myself a goal and achieve it. If I set my mind to something I can do it. This has been a bit of a surprise as I have felt like shutting down the computer many times during the past four weeks. I have thought of other things that I could do and I have been distracted. But at the end of the day I completed the task.

I would recommend setting yourself a blogging challenge as it shows you what you can do and takes you out of the comfort zone. This has been an entertaining 31 days. I have loved it and what it has taught me. But I might give myself a little bit of a blogging rest for the next few days. Hope you enjoyed the 31 days of words.

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2 Responses to What has #BEDM taught me?

  1. Congrats on completing #BEDM! And you’re totally right, it’s more about discipline than time.


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