Smart carpet? Keep an open mind.

I was reminded today that it is important to keep an open mind about developments. What may appear on the face of it to be a silly or impractical idea can have some purpose. For example, what are your initial thoughts about having a ‘smart carpet’. That’s right a carpet that connects you to the Internet and social networks. Are you thinking that sounds like a waste of time?

I confess that was my initial thought but then I started to think about how it could be used to provide signs to help people get to where they need to be in big office blocks. It can also replace the TV screens that can be found on many walls providing news updates and corporate messages. When you start to think about it a smart carpet could have open many opportunities to share information in a different way.

Some months ago people laughed at me because I got excited about the arrival of a bluetooth toothbrush. But again I could see the possible uses it could have in encouraging children to clean their teeth and get rewards as well as providing technical information to your dentist.

As we move to a time when so many things can have technology incorporated into them, then perhaps we have to ensure we keep a very open mind. If things don’t work the first time they appear we need to give them some time to develop and be prepared to have a look at it again. Don’t dismiss things forever if they don’t quite work initially.

Most importantly, don’t make snap judgements on things. Take a good look at the development, see what it can do and what it offers. Perhaps take a different look at the way you currently do things and see what that means for the technology. You might find doing this allows you to be more innovative and creative than you ever expected.

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