It’s a dogs life

I have often written about the positive that can come from the use of social media and this week has shown yet again how it can bring results. The online world moved individuals to act and then achieved amazing results in a collective way to solve a problem.

Just 10 days ago Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home placed an urgent appeal on social media, basically Twitter and Facebook, calling on people to donate food as the cupboard was nearly empty. It was seen by a number of individuals who did what they could to donate tins or buy tins online and get them sent to the home from as far a field as France.

It was something a number of colleagues saw and they set about finding how the plight could be highlighted to all staff. But also to use corporate social media to spread the appeal a little further across the online world. People responded really positively and started to donate food, toys and other items. It was then only a short step to contact the dog food suppliers to the organisation and make them aware of the appeal. What came back was an agreement to send 18 pallets of food. A huge amount to help feed more than 300 dogs at the Home.

Without social media the appeal may have appeared in local media and possibly would have led to a few tins being donated by local people. With social media we had the ability to share the information with the network who came together to make a difference.

We see this all the time on a large-scale there was the response to the fundraising of Stephen Sutton and on a more local level there are appeals for information, funds or items that are regularly being supported by social media users. It really can bring people together to unite and make a bigger impact. What it needs is a bit of thought, a good cause and the goodwill from social media users. Let us hope we can continue to make use of what we have at our fingertips.

If you are interested here is the video about the Dogs’ Home

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