Try something new

We often hear the phrase that we need to think outside the box. It means that we have to think differently and look wider to deal with the problem we are facing. That is fine, but to really develop and move forwards we need to think about new boxes.

This means that we need to consider what the organisation is about and boil it down to its essence. This will tell us a lot about the key elements and all we need to of then is use creative thought to look at where that takes us – to a new box.

It isn’t easy as it takes us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to challenge our perceptions. But in a world that is constantly changing and where we have to adapt to survive trying new things and taking some risks is really important. There isn’t an option to do nothing as organisations will not survive.

Alongside this we don’t give ourselves time to throw around ideas, and without ideas we cannot develop. We need lots of ideas to have some good ideas, an interesting comment from philosophers of the past and something I am trying to introduce at work. Let’s have lots of ideas and then find the ones that are worth taking a calculated risk to develop.

For organisations this is a whole new and hopefully exciting world full of new possibilities. All we need to do is think differently and try something new.

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