Stepping off the treadmill

Modern life is really full on. Work is now 24/7 as we remain connected even during the weekends. This is because of the new opportunities from social media and the online which has made it easier to connect whenever we want to, or whenever other people want us. There are big benefits to this but also a significant drawback.

Namely, do we make time to recharge our batteries and to renew ourselves? I don’t think we do because what we can’t get done because of work ends up monopolizing our weekends or evenings. There is always so much to do, keeping the house clean and tidy, washing, ironing, DIY, shopping. If we are not careful we are draining our batteries on a daily basis.

What we need to do is to find what helps us to recharge our batteries and to renew ourselves? What is it that helps us to minimise the stress of modern life? It may be spending time with the children, or with pets, or gardening, or a whole range of other hobbies and interests. These interests are usually the things that end up being at the bottom of our list of things to do in our free time.

It is important that we put time aside in our busy schedules to make sure that we are able to reduce the stress and start to feel better about life. We live life to the maximum and sometimes need to step off the treadmill and take things at a more leisurely pace. We can no longer rely on weekends being our recovery time but we need to find the time. So have you given yourself any time to relax over the weekend and will you make time to recharge your batteries in the busy week ahead?

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