Can I tell you a story?

With communication developing at a rapid pace is everything really that different? Are there any common elements of both old and new communication? This is something I have recently been contemplating and I think there is a clear golden thread.

The thread is a fundamental part of life, it is about telling stories. Many years ago our ancestors sat around and talked about life, beliefs and happenings. They did this through telling stories, which is something that we all enjoy. It starts when we are children and never leaves us.

Social media has arrived and many people working in communication have found it very challenging. I firmly believe it is just the same as the media because what people want through all such communication are stories. Stories makes difficult and complex issues easier to understand and can get people to look at the world in a different way.

Telling stories is also an important way of increasing understanding of organisational changes and demonstrating required behaviours. In shirt, it has a likely role when developing internal communication.

This may all sound a little fluffy and like it is not rooted in the work taking place. I don’t see that at all. The content of the stories can be very challenging and about distressing issues. Storytelling is just a method of delivering engaging communication.

So, are we telling stories or just bombarding staff and customers with disconnected bits of information? For me, come closer as I want to tell you a story.

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