Services online – it is a must

I was recently called a ‘geek in training’ because of my love of all the new technology and the opportunities it brings. I don’t hide the fact that I like to be able to do business through social and digital because it makes my life easier. If a business, product or organisation is on social media then it is more likely to get my hard-earned cash than a rival that isn’t. I love the fact that I can order my contact lenses through Twitter direct message to a small independent opticians. That is just one example.

But how many people are happy to do business through online, social and digital methods?

We are definitely on a journey and people will progress at different rates along the pathway. About four years ago I would not have wanted to do online banking or have a banking app on my iPad. Today I wouldn’t be without it as it means I can keep a firm grip on my finances. For many people being able to order online and contact companies through social media is just part of day-to-day life.

The situation is made more complicated though when you move into services that may be more sensitive such as policing, and health. How much would people be happy to do through a computer, or what do they feel requires face-to-face communication? It is important to recognise that these services cover a huge amount of issues and queries and the response will vary depending on what has happened and how the person usually does business.

One thing is clear to me and that is despite the concerns, the issues of protecting information, and the fact some people don’t want to use online and digital, organisations can’t ignore the opportunities and benefits from delivering services on social and digital. So what can we deliver online and how can we move forward? Watch this space.

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