A blog a day…

I suppose I need to start this with an apology. If you subscribe to my blog then you will find May difficult month. Why? Well, it is because I have decided to challenge myself to do a blog a day in May #BEDM.

I am doing this to see whether there are enough thoughts and ideas in my head that I feel are worth sharing or issues that are worth discussing. It is going to be a test of my attention span as well to make sure that I can focus for an hour or so a day to make sure I write a blog. My attention span has taken a hit in the past five years since I joined Twitter. Meetings are a real problem as I can be faced with needing to concentrate for hours at a time.

Blogs are a great way of discussing issues and sharing ideas. They work best when they give food for thought and spark debate. I love reading blogs because they give everyone the chance to share their ideas and subjects of interest. They don’t have to be long, they don’t have to be detailed. They just have to be interesting.

So, as this is 3 May I am catching up on my first blogs and this should have been posted on Thursday. Not the best start but lets see if I can keep blogging every 24 hours in May.

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