Can we be more connected?

I am becoming increasingly desperate to own Google Glass. I keep hearing about the developments and apps that are becoming available and it makes me want them even more. As the year started I mentioned the prediction that wearable technology would become more important this year. I still stand by that, and the developments in smart-watches and other items are already attracting a lot of interest.

So, how much more connected can we be? I have to admit to having a desire for the new bluetooth enabled toothbrush that is likely to be available this summer. It can provide you with charts on how you have cleaned your teeth and monitor your brushing progress. Some may say why would you need that? But then it also has achievements that you can get and these could be a great way to encourage children to clean their teeth. The price tag is likely to make it too expensive for a mass market.

I became aware of new developments in dog collars that are now meaning we can have pet related wearable technology. It seems nowadays that there is no item that can be without integrated technology. All kinds of electrical equipment from kettles to refrigerators are already benefiting from some elements of the new technology. I suppose we are only limited by our imagination and creativity.

I am sure there are developments that will be launched this year that can make us even more connected either to software or to each other through social networking. Many people will sigh at the possible developments but I can’t wait to see what arrives. Some will disappear but others, particularly those that can make our lives easier, will remain and become commonplace.

Is this just my inner geek coming out? Are there any technological developments you would like to see?

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