Doing the right thing

I am sure most people could not help to be moved by the story this week of the 15-year-old boy who died after confronting a bomber at school gates in Pakistan. Aitzaz Hassan died in hospital after ignoring fellow students and deciding to confront and attempt to capture the bomber who then detonated his vest at the gates of the school in the Hangu district on Monday.

It such an amazing story of a young boy that stood his ground and in doing so saved many other people. The school held an estimated 2,000 students so the impact could have been significant if the bomber had achieved their goal.

But how many of us would have done the same thing faced with such a set of circumstances? And on a much lower level how many of us will stand up for what we believe is right on a daily basis? Do we have the courage, the determination and the passion to step away from the crowd and possible go on alone to confront things?

If we are really going to make a difference in our daily lives and to make progress within our communities then we need to show some courage and commitment. If there are things that we think need to be changed then we need to be in a position to stand up and get them changed. Sometimes doing this is relatively simple and just needs us to put a bit of time and effort into things. But often in standing up for what we think is right it has the potential to have a negative impact on our own lives. That is where the big challenge takes place. How many of us will put the good of others before that of ourselves? How many will risk reprisals to do what is right?

When we are all going about our daily life I hope we will remember the sacrifice made by Aitzaz and challenge ourselves to do the right thing when those difficult issues confront us.

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