Eight communication predictions for 2014

We have reached the first day of 2014 and I am sure there will be lots of people making resolutions, deciding to change their lives or to do something new or different in the coming year. I am not one for New Year resolutions so have skipped that. But I did think it might be worth considering what we are likely to see in the year ahead for those working in communication.

I decided to limit myself to eight predictions of things that 2014 might bring. Let me know whether you agree or disagree, and whether we just have to wait and see.

  1. Content not channels – this should be the year that many people stop focusing on the channels, particularly with social networking and instead focus on content. There are so many channels available but the investment needs to be in content development rather than channel management.
  2. Smaller teams – it is a fairly safe bet that we will see communication teams shrinking again in the year ahead. But how they look at the end of that is still up for some discussion and may be dependent on the sector they are working in.
  3. More to do – people have high expectations of brands and expect good service and a swift response to any problems. Managing reputation will continue to get even harder, more demanding with a lot to do. 
  4. Breaking down boundaries – the communication team will become much more than the group of people managing media and social media. They should hopefully be the ones shaping organisational change and culture. 
  5. Wearable technology – will become more commonplace. The arrival of Google Glass and smart watches have the possibility of changing our relationship with technology. If they can demonstrate how they make life easier for us then people will get over the concern about how they look. 
  6. Social integration – I like this phrase from @tedrubin which basically means that organisations, companies and businesses all need to move from social being the thing that marketing or communication run and have to integrate it into processes and systems. There can’t be a split between communication and customer service it is all about social interaction. 
  7. Google+ finds its place – it already has more than 540 million active accounts and with the links to Google search  it has the ability to do more for you than a lot of social networks. We might see it going from the second largest network to take the top spot. Definitely one to start looking more closely at for any business. 
  8. Privacy issues – obviously these will remain at the forefront of discussions and developments in communication. This is from the impact of wearable technology through to what access governments have to what we are doing online. It is all going to be the subject of much more debate in the coming year. 

Only time will tell whether these things happen but it should be an interesting time. I will be fascinated to see if communication and social can develop even further.

Let me know what you think 2014 may bring. Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to Eight communication predictions for 2014

  1. I agree with all you”ve said here (although I don’t see wearable devices becoming common before 2015).

    We definitely need to consider content over channels, and use just the channels right for a given organisation. Google have really been pushing Google+ quite aggressively during 2013 (e.g. scrapping Google Reader, integrating YouTube comments, Google search enhancements) so I can see that taking off. But there’s me talking about a channel rather than content. 😉


  2. Sue Fox says:

    Yes yes and yes


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