24 hour offline sickness

I have been offline for about 24 hours as I was ill with some kind of virus. It meant I was unable to do anything other than sleep and be sick. I am feeling better now but it made me reflect on how much of my life is online. When I got back into the world I realised I had missed a lot and I was more than a little anxious about it.

For in just 24 hours I had missed photographs of my sister’s new addition to the family an adorable puppy, I hadn’t been fit for the office Twitter-chat while watching The Great British Bake Off, I was behind on all the horse related Facebook updates and I hadn’t been able to log onto the course I am doing through Coursera. It was stressful to realise that I was a full 24 hours behind the rest of the world.

Social media has been incredibly beneficial for people who want to keep up-to-date with events both close to home and around the world. It also makes life incredibly social as we can share viewing experiences, share our latest developments and expand our knowledge all at the touch of a button. I must admit to being slightly obsessed by it and cannot imagine being away from the computer for longer than 24 hours. I even struggled with the 24 hours of illness.

The other problem I had been because of my slight obsession when I didn’t reply to messages did people think I was being rude? Did my lack of tweets and Facebook posts, and replies to texts present a negative impression of me? I do hope that people didn’t think that and considered that I might have been unable to get logged on to the technology.

Thankfully I am back online now and able to resume my life. Phew, time to reach for the laptop and iPad.

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1 Response to 24 hour offline sickness

  1. Sarah J says:

    Phew from me, did initially think you were ignoring me as I know you are the one person I can depend to answer via social media! It is stressful not having it next to you though, I fully get behind what you are saying as now I am only able to communicate via social media I feel so stressed when there are either no answers to my interactions or I am offline and am not able to check… This is really making me evaluate my life and how I interact with people. So far only Twitter is keeping me connected during my homeless state. I am a usually someone who prefers to speak directly to another but my current situation prohibits this. I can’t wait to get a phone but at least twitter is keeping me connected for now!


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