Blogging – why do it?

In recent weeks I have written about the importance of words and what they can achieve. They can make views clear or if not used in the correct way can create confusion about subjects. Today I was asked by a friend why I blogged, and how I got the time to blog. It made me think about why I have written this blog of my thoughts on a range of issues, mainly about effective communication. The time issue is not worth considering because I just make time to write.

Blogging is a great way to share detailed views, theories or ideas and hopefully also use it as  a way to start conversations. It has been able to liberate people across the world, allowing them to be able to  publish their views and thoughts themselves without relying on someone else. It has opened an avenue to a world of new ideas at your fingertips. The rise of social media has meant that there is a way to promote the blog and introduce people to your work.

Obviously, this means that people can publish their thoughts without any checking or way of reviewing by others before publication. This allows for inaccuracies or even assumptions passing for facts. That is why people have to be alive to what blogs are – one person’s views about a subject. That may or may not be from an informed position. So the best way to read them is to consider the ideas or issues that they raise and make your own views.

There are some bloggers that provide information in a more journalistic way sharing new ideas and commenting on them. They base their writing in facts and news, and can be viewed in a slightly different way. But as with all social media we need to keep an open mind, never assume anything and question everything.

One thing is clear I will continue to consume blogs and the ideas that they document and introduce me to. It will continue to expand my thoughts and put me in touch with different perspectives. More than that I will continue to share my own thoughts on issues and hope that it will spark some discussion and conversation. And why do I do it? Well because I can and it may also be of interest to some people somewhere.

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