Words matter if you want to be inspired

Since I was young words have played a big part of my life. I know that sounds a bit odd but what I mean is I started writing poems, plays and short stories when I was a child. I then became a journalist where I had to write thousands of words each week just to fill the local newspaper I worked on. The advent of social media has given me the opportunity to post many more words online through this blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Words can be so powerful whether they are being used in a positive and creative way or they may be negatively used to make threats or develop propaganda. Words are the foundation bricks to our lives and without them it is difficult to make yourself clearly understood. And yet even when they are used the point may not be clear and could be twisted to mean something else. We all need them in many forms every day.

I had a challenging and at times emotional week. There were the inevitable meetings and regular tasks, but something stood out as a really inspirational moment. It was meeting poet Tony Walsh (http://longfella.co.uk/) who deals with words in a vastly different way than I try to on a daily basis. His work is intriguing, emotional and full of passion. In just an hour I was feeling more creative and had reconnected with the importance of words. When you are exposed to new or different things then it helps you to take a new look at what you are dealing with.

It is easy to become trapped by the day-to-day events and tasks of work and treading the same steps. What the meeting with Tony reminded me was how you need to gather inspiration from outside your ‘normal’ life. Meet new people, explore new ideas and try new things. If you are faced with a problem that you are not sure how to solve take a look at it from a different angle.

I love the way social media has made it easier to be exposed to new ideas, new people or new words. There are so many opportunities to be inspired by making effective connections and keeping conversations alive using words. But meeting people face-to-face is sometimes the best way to share ideas, discuss problems and be inspired. I am taking a new look at words, how I use them and what they can do.

So, one question remains – where have you gained inspiration from and what has it encouraged you to do?

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