Five favourite social apps and tools

I have a real thirst for apps and love being introduced to new ideas and opportunities. The arrival of social into modern life has brought with it a whole range of things that can enhance the day-to-day experience. In essence people originally had the chance to become social online through the networks, and the next stage is for it to become easy to publish yourself. It is these free apps and tools that have brought something new to communication.

There are some personal favourites that I have within the world of apps but I also asked through Twitter for people to mention their favourites. Among those that came back were Twitter as a great way to be social and Hootsuite as a way to support using networks. But I have five top apps or social tools that I want to share.

1. Audioboo – an audio network that allows you to record audio and share it. There are channels so you can find what you might want to listen to and you can build up followers who want to listen to your regular audio updates. It is incredibly easy to use and is widely used by the BBC to share clips from radio shows.

2. Snapguide – is such a simple idea that is beautiful when it helps to bring items to life. It is a way to share ‘how-to’ guides about a vast range of things. Again, you can follow people or develop your own followers. It is extremely simple to use and just needs some good quality photographs and some thought. You can find everything from ‘how to make tea dyed paper flowers’ to ‘how to make candy sushi’.

3. Storify – is a way of collecting all the elements of a story, issue or subject and putting it in one place for publication and sharing. It is a great way to gather social discussions and information on an issue and put them all in one place. Again, it is so simple to use and is an easy way to share social elements.

4. Tactilize – a relatively new one for me but very enticing. It is billed as a way ‘to create and share interactive content for the iPad and the social web’. The look is very slick and it has the feel of many online magazines but allows images and text to come together in a interesting and creative way. I think there is definitely more to come from this app.

5.Photosynth – is a way of developing wraparound panoramas whether that is of an outdoor or indoor location. You start taking photographs with your device and it tells you when to take another then it brings them together in your 360 degree representation. It is easy to share your image through networks including Twitter and Facebook. 

There are lots of others that I like to be able to test out and consider the opportunities they bring as well as the ways I could use them both personally and professionally. It is exciting to think that there are more apps that are being developed and more ideas about how people can make the most of the technology that is available.

So what is your favourite social tool or app?

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