Creative support – look and its free

These are really challenging times for all of us working in communication roles. No matter where you are the pressure on budgets is increasing and we are all trying to get something for nothing or as the saying goes ‘get more for less’. Online communication is playing a key role in communication in 2012 – getting messages out for no or minimal costs.

For those who are ready to invest in online communication including using social networks there is a lot to be gained. I have written many times about how social networks present one of the greatest opportunities in communication for many decades. However, it is much more than just social networking. There are a growing number of applications that can be downloaded and will enhance the communication experience.

There are many examples on offer and new apps appear on the market on a daily basis with many of them free, or providing some free functions. Instagram, Storify, Audioboo… the list is seemingly endless. Finding out about them is as exciting as finding ways to make use of them. People are keen to share details about the best apps that they have uncovered which makes social networking a critical pastime for communication professionals. I have found out about most apps through Twitter or in some cases Facebook. People talking about the benefits of an application and possibly even providing details about how they have used it. Who needs computer magazines?

Finding out about a new app is like getting a present at Christmas. It is a joy to take your first look inside, to see what you have got and then to start to ‘play’ with it to find out what it can do. This thrill is available on an almost daily basis if people want to look. And as with many Christmas presents you can use the apps as often or infrequently as you like. Sometimes you may just want to use it once and then put it away in the unwanted present cupboard.

At a time when we are all having to lose staff, make cutbacks and trim budgets being able to access creative communication support through the variety of apps is hugely beneficial. Rather than sitting moaning about what can’t be done it gives you the chance to look at what can be done in new and innovative ways. Looking at the applications can help ideas to grow, as well as provide solutions to communication challenges. If you work in communication and haven’t heard about some of these apps then perhaps you need to look on to find out what you have been missing.

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