Commitment, determination and a desire to succeed

The Paralympic Games is attracting huge interest as it receives extensive media coverage for the first time. There are tales of courage, grit and dedication with every competitor in every race.  I find it a totally awe-inspiring with each competition. But it is important to remember that what we are watching first and foremost are athletes.

We all face challenges in our daily life whether that is to manage budgets in a difficult financial climate, whether it is in achieving certain things at work, or to overcome some barriers to success at work. What is important is not what the challenge is but how we deal with it and what we do. It is easy to spend time focusing on what the problem is rather than to start to identify the solution. That for me is where we can all get inspiration and learn something from watching the paralympic athletes.

What we are currently watching are people who show a determination to participate in the sport they love no matter what stands in the way. They have a commitment to training day in and day out, month in and month out every year to reach the heights that they desire. But above all they have a will to win and a desire to succeed no matter what they may face.

It is that strength of character that we all need to remember when we are facing issues in our daily lives. Whatever we want to achieve and whatever we want to overcome there are ways of doing it if we really want it. The current competitions are as uplifting as the Olympics was a few weeks ago. For me it has been inspiring and has demonstrated important characteristics that I will attempt to replicate. Because if I really want something then with hard work and dedication I can achieve it.

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